Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I am so Ready for fall this year...

So I decided  to make a few new fall outfits and just in time came the GOS sale!
I found the amazing Boots there and if you get the fatpack you have 8 solids and 8 combined colors to choose from . Also they have 3 different heel styles....  This  sale is a fund raiser for Archie and ends Sept 2nd..so hurry!
Amazing offer please go check the sale  at:

My dress is from the Chandelle hunt  for only 20L and are very easy to find black & silver flowers

My scarf is from Black Seep but no longer in the shop : (  try market place or ask Gucci Banx the designer for one.

Hair is D!va Vivienne for 150L

Glasses by GOS...see sale location above .
These change colors, move from face to head and are also sunglasses! These are at a bargain  300L ( 1/2 price)These are high quality and you will wear for years to come.

Raining again...must be the edges of the hurricane...So
I ran to the ColdLogic  sale and got  this amazing Jacket  - Kelley-taupe for only 200L
I love the detail and fit of this!
Then back to The Truth District for the GOS sale and got these adorable MESH Wellingtons in Coffee, 150L. The umbrella is an old gift from a store long gone....sorry.

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