Monday, September 10, 2012

WOW 25L Sale....

Thanks to the birth celebration of her child, Echo Requiem has set her entire store including Mesh to 25L each!!
I fell in love with the soft and smooth lines of this outfit. The top is Fugue Shirt in grey and my pants are Intonation Mesh pants in grey. Can you believe it..a 50L outfit.

Here I am showing Grazioso Corset Dress in Grey, I love the flow.

I love the Espressivo Leather skirt, comes in 2 different lengths and and  even a two-tone version.  Find the shop here:

This is the Interval Mesh Jacket in Teal Plaid paired with the Form Mesh Pencil skirt in black. I am  wearing my GOS boots formerly posted.
I am picturing the jacket paired with the teal skirt above ; )

I would like to say here, that if I have an item on or hair etc, please feel free to ask where it is from (here in the comments section), I am always happy to share the info.

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